In line with its new education system, Tokyo Tech combined its undergraduate and graduate schools into six new Schools in April 2016. Please note that the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science no longer accepts new students. This website will be closed at the end of March 2018.

The aim of this department is to give students scientific and technological knowledge and ability necessary for engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs who can create new machines, techniques and methods to meet the demands of the global society in the 21st century. Twenty professors provide not only wideband lectures of mechanical engineering, but also laboratory courses of mechanics, mechatronics, manufacturing and information processing. Fourth-grade students have a thesis work on an advanced scientific and technological research topic under the supervision of our faculty staff. More than 90% of undergraduate students go to top-ranked graduate schools.

Subjects offered by our department are:

●Engineering Mathematics ●Kinematics of Machinery ●Basic Theory of Vibrations ●Control Engineering ●Deformation of Solids ●Fluid Science ●Thermal Science and Engineering ●Bio-mechanism ●Science and Technology in Global Environment ●Robot Technology ●Fundamentals of CAD/CAM/CG ●Mechanical Engineering Laboratory ●Exercise in Information Processing ●Practice of Manufacturing Processes ●Electric Circuit Laboratory ●Machine Design and Drawing ●Mechanical Engineering Design Student Project ●Internship