Prof. Yukio TAKEDA, Dr. of Engineering
Academic Societies JSME, JSPE, RSJ,
International Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (IFToMM),
Research interests Development of parallel mechanisms having high accuracy and large work-space, and
mechanism, mechanical elements and control algorithms for welfare apparatus.

Assistant Professor Yusuke SUGAHARA, Dr. of Engineering
[b]Academic Societies/b] RSJ, JSME, International Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (IFToMM), Robotics and Automation Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE RAS), SICE, Society of Biomechanisms Japan sugahara.jpg
Research interests Design and control of robotic and mechanical systems, biped walking robots, partner robots, Wing-in-ground effect (WIG) vehicle, human-powered robotics

Assist. Prof. Daisuke MATSUURA, Dr. of Engineering
Academic societies JSME, JSPE, RSJ,
International Federation for the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (IFToMM),
Research interests Analysis, design and motion control of variable stiffness / redundant mechanisms and its application for welfare apparatus development, Development of Multi-DOF precision manipulators.

Secretariat Hiroko TAKANO, Ms.

PhD candidate cource (2nd year)

Woo-hyeok CHOI, Mr.
Research theme:

Souta Matsuda, Mr.
Research theme:
PhD candidate cource (1st year)

Liang Xinghai, Mr.
Research theme:

Research theme:
Graduate Students (2nd year)

Atsushi Miyasaka, Mr.
Research theme:

Masumi Ohno, Mr.
Research theme:

Ryoma Tanase, Mr.
Research theme:

Hiroshi Matsuo, Mr.
Research theme:

Kittinant Hapanya Rasheed, Mr.
Research theme:

Graduate Students (1st year)

Masataka Kitagawa, Mr.
Research theme:

Yuki Shima, Mr.
Research theme:

Guangcan Chen, Mr.
Research theme:

Amane Nagumo, Mr.
Research theme:

Randy Raharja Sudiono, Mr.
Research theme:

Nguyen Duc Sang, Mr.
Research theme:
Undergraduate Students
Taishu Ueki, Mr.
Research theme:

Tomohiro Oka, Mr.
Research theme:

Hiroto Doi, Mr.
Research theme:

Shafiq Muhammad, Mr.
Research theme:
International students

Christian Mirz (RWTH Aachen)

Lei Yuhang (YSEP)

Luong Quang Huan

International students

Mr. Chih-Ching Hsieh (2017), National Taiwan Univ. of Sci. and Tech.
Mr. Eric Storbacka (2017), Karlstad University
Mr. Mateo Russo (2017), the University of Cassino
Mr. Johaness Kluetsch(2017), RWTH Aachen
Mr. Micah Jibril P. Alampay(2015-2016), University of the Philippines
Mr. Emek Barış Küçüktabak(2015-2016), Middle East Technical University (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi)
Mr. Lan Bluest(2015-2016), The University of Melbourne
Ms. Karol Rakotozandriny(2015)
Mr. Gauffin Wohlfarth Eric Hugo Didrik(2014-2015)
Mr. Sergio Iftekharul JAINANDUNSING(2014-2015), from Delft University of Technology
Mr. Sybrand Jan Heeres(2014), from Delft University of Technology
Mr. Jeon Hyeongseok(2014), from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Mr. Alexander Szigeti(2014), from Johns Hopkins University
Ms. Mundt Aline(2013-2014) from Munich University of Technology
Mr. Murillo Alberto Garcia Mario(2013) from Instituto Tecnologico de Celaya
Ms. Castro Sandoval Yamile(2013) from Instituto Tecnologico de Celaya
Mr. Fan Zhiqiang (2012) from Tsinghua University
Mr. Daan Bakker (2011) from Delft University of Technology
Mr. Stefan Wurm (2010-2011)
Mr. Frans Lafeber(2010-2011) from Delft University of Technology
蘇 洪国(2010), 国立台湾大学
Morten Vendelbo Foged(2010) from Technical University of Denmark
Yaroslav Tenzer(2009) from Imperial College London
Yun Ho Tsoi(2009) from University of Auckland